Is Kafui Danku Shading Funny Face Or She’s Suggesting That Her Old White Husband Is A ‘1 Minute’ Man?

To some, Actress Kafui Danku is trying to shade Comedian Funny Face over the fact that he is now all over social media jubilating and receiving congratulatory messages after his new wife gave birth to twins.

Reading meanings into Kafui Danku’s post on Facebook, it seems she is as well suggesting that her white old husband is a “1 minute man” who needs help.

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Remember Funny Face a few years back was allegedly dumped by his wife over not being able to perform better in bed ─ he was referred to as “Mr 1 Minute” and mocked on social media.

According to Kafui Danku, a man’s ability to impregnate a woman doesn’t mean he isn’t weak in bed.

From her experience, under “1 minute men” can also impregnate women so men should seek help when they are unable to stay on for long to satisfy their partners in bed.

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Read her full post below and decode for yourself.

“People, the fact that a man has biologically fathered 1 or more children doesn’t mean he cannot be a 1 minute man . Men, let your egos down and seek treatment if you’re suffering from premature ejaculation just like a lot of women seek treatment when things go wrong with their reproductive system. 
A man suffering from premature ejaculation may not necessarily have weak or low sperm count. Do you think everyman having trouble impregnating their wives are 1 minute men ? I’ve been on a journey that has made me learn a lot and so many stories , marital problems and testimonies have been shared with me in confidence so I know what I know. There’s nothing wrong if you seek treatment because you’re sick. A lot of women are embarrassed to tell their partners of their problems thinking it may hurt their egos so enough of the “because I’ve been able to father a child biologically, I’m fantastic in bed ” Lie Lie ! Big fat lie ! The women are just not comfortable telling you for various reasons, some of you kuraa with the plenty ignorance talk talk, I’ll advice you cross check if truly you’re the “biological ” father , looks are not everything believe me 😁. In your mind people have told you countless times the baby looks like you so you think that’s your DNA test 😜. Seek knowledge people, our own superstar’s story alone should teach us something. Ladies, please can you stop lying through your teeths and start being honest with them ? Enough of the generational ignorance! 🚶🏽‍♀️🚶🏽‍♀️🚶🏽‍♀️”.

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