‘Cassava’ Is Not a Profane Song – Assanqoma Defends His New Controversial Song


Creativity is one aspect of music and musicians who tend to be creative and poetic in their songs mostly gain the attention of several music lovers.

One figure of speech that only a few musicians in Ghana make use in their songwriting is Double Entendre; where a particular phrase is devised to be understood in two ways. Typically one of the meanings is obvious, given the context, whereas the other may require more thought. 

A.B. Crentsil made use of creativity in his ‘Moses’ song in the past. In recent years, the late Ebony also dropped ‘Hustle’ of which a lot of Ghanaians thought the song was profane. Wendy Shay dropped ‘Masakra’ and received similar condemnation.

The latest controversial song that has towed similar line is ‘Cassava’ by Assanqoma. The song which was premiered Saturday, August 17, 2019, has generated a lot of buzz and controversy due to its double entendre lyrics and sexual undertones.

However, highlife musician Assanqoma has rubbished claims that his newly released track titled ‘Cassava’ is a profane song. According to him, the song comes nowhere close to a profane song.

In an interview with Dr. Cann on Happy FM’s Showbiz Xtra, Assanqoma, known in private life as Justice Asankomah, said the song is about forgiveness in relationships and not what people perceive it to be.

According to him, “a guy cheats on his partner and begs for forgiveness. The lady is not willing to let go of whatever wrong the guy did and accept him back in her life. As a thoughtful guy, he asks the lady what he should do for the lady in other to be forgiven. Whatever the lady requests, the guy is willing to do for the lady to replace the wrong he did so that he can be forgiven.”

“The human brain mostly thinks about negative things and that’s why people think it’s profane when they initially hear the song. Once they get to know the story, then they realise their minds have deceived them,” he said in a different interview.

He urged all to listen carefully the positive message a song preaches and not make negative deductions when they hear a particular song.

Assanqoma, previously known in showbiz as Jestoo has featured on several hit songs in the past including “Fiili Gadoochi” by Mframa, “Twe wo ho” by Nana Fynn, and “Okyerewaba” by Barosky.

Listen to “Cassava” below and watch his explanation to the song.


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