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When The Tapoli Waist Is Not Enough Or Dubai Is Lesser than Greece – Once Again Another Ashawobrity Proves NEVER Believe Everything You See On Social Media – GODWIN OKINE Writes

The pressure is real. As if the adage don’t believe everything you see on social media has not been proven enough, there comes Princess Shyngle to prove it for us all over again.

Once again, if you’re feeling unsatisfied with your life because of what you see these slay queens splashing over social media, don’t! Most of it is as fake as their unnaturally protruding body parts.

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Tapoli waisted Princess Shyngle has suffered the ultimate ‘Lebene’ disgrace after she was busted for using another slay queen’s photo as hers on Instagram.

Think about it! After all that misery she’s put her body through to get that ridiculous body, she still doesn’t think it’s good enough but has to steal someone else’s body.

Her disgraceful act comes not that long after another slay queen, Victoria Lebene, did something quite similar to deceive Ghanaians on social media.

Lebene, newly married to her husband, the blogger Eugene Osafo-Nkansah, took a photo from social media depicting breakfast in Santorini, Greece, and posted it as if it was her in Santorini ‘waking up to a dream’.

Of course, it didn’t take that long for her ruse to be discovered, with GhanaCelebrities.Com’s Founding Editor Chris-Vincent exposing her a$$.

Like Shyngle, Lebene never addressed the deception and instead took the photo down, later putting it back up.

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Add it to the time Benedicta Gafah airbrushed her own belly button out of a picture just to look more ‘Barbie-like’ and you can tell there are deep-seated insecurities among these celebrities to be who or what they aren’t.

They post this perfect life online, making ordinary folk feel bad about their own lives – but just a little look behind the curtain shows it’s all smoke and mirrors.

Never believe a slay queen – you might think they’re in Greece when they are nowhere near the place.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com

This post was published on August 21, 2019 6:57 AM

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