‘One Thing I Dislike Is Body Odour’- Feli Nuna- As If Any Of Us LOVES That!

One of the things that could immediately turn someone off is body odour. It is actually a deal-breaker for most people and no one can blame them. How anyone would walk with a stench on them remains unfathomable and that is one thing singer Feli Nuna says she cannot tolerate.

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The singer says she does not want anyone who would come and stress her life up for her. “I don’t like stress at all, so I don’t want somebody who will come and stress me. One thing I dislike is body odour. People with body odour put me off…I recently went to an engagement somewhere, some girls came to stand by me and I could tell they have body odour, I was just upset, I just couldn’t.”

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According to the singer, although it is hard to outrightly tell someone that they smell, she would be forward with you if she is cool on that level with you.

“Sometimes if I see you’re cool, I’ll approach and talk to you. I will be like, oh have you noticed this, oh me, these are some of the things I use and all, if I know that I can help, I will help. But you say it in a nice way because if you don’t say it, everybody around will rather be laughing at them and it’s not good. Because if you’ve noticed it, meaning, other people have also noticed it. So it’s just about saying it in a nice way.

“You have to also study the person, if the person is irresponsible, you can’t go and say that to the person, and if the person is not in my circle, you go your way but if it’s somebody that I care about and I feel like I can impart, I will do that.” She added.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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