Do You Want to Study in the United Kingdom? How I Secured A Student Visa for A Facebook Friend to Attend University in the UK

What you see is a student visa, secured for a Facebook friend called Kelly Ekuwa Ansah in Cape Coast, Ghana, to come and study for her master’s degree in the United Kingdom.2 min

Kelly’s student visa

What you see is a student visa, secured for a Facebook friend called Kelly Ekuwa Ansah in Cape Coast, Ghana, to come and study for her master’s degree in the United Kingdom.

This Facebook friend contacted about two months ago, about her intention to come and pursue a master’s degree in the UK—as she already holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Cape Coast.

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She had already made applications to various UK universities and had received offer letters—so she settled on one.


She instructed me to represent her in the most difficult part—which is, securing a Tier 4 General (Student) visa to enable her to come to the UK.

After providing her with the legal requirements and she satisfactorily furnishing me with the needed documents, I made a Student visa application for her—and argued in a cover letter to the Home Office that she has met the required rules.

Today, she has picked up her student visa and she will be coming to the UK in the next few days as her course starts in mid-September 2019.


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