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Do You Have An Invitation To Join The British Army? How I Helped A Ghanaian Recruit To Get His Visa To The U.K For His Assessment


This is a UK visitor’s visa, obtained today, for a young man from Ghana who is coming to the UK for his British Army Assessment to join the Army.

About a month ago, the young man contacted me—to inform me that he has received a letter of invitation from the British Army’s recruitment team, to secure a visa and attend an assessment in the UK to complete his journey to becoming a British soldier.

He was confused, as to where to start from—and he was also worried as his friends who applied for the visas themselves had been refused. He needed expert assistance.

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So after a brief conversation, he instructed me to handle his visa application.

After he provided the documents I requested from him, I submitted his visa application and argued in a cover a letter to the Home Office that he meets the requirement of Appendix V of the Immigration Rules for Visitors–supporting this with the relevant documents.

Today, he has been granted his visa to come for his Army Assessment in the UK and he is super excited.

If you have received an invitation letter from the British Army to attend an assessment in the UK, contact that experts at Adukus Solicitors on +447837576037 (Direct and Whatsapp).

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Alternatively, E-mail: [email protected]

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