My Brother Broke My Virginity, Dated Me For 10 Years And Now Wants To Marry Someone After Getting Me Pregnant – What Should I Do? – Ghanaian Lady Asks For Help

A Ghanaian lady is distressed after falling in love with her brother and dating him for a whole decade.

The young lady whose identity is not known has noted she fell in love with her brother when she was 16 and her brother was 18.

They had an affair where she lost her virginity to her blood brother.

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Following that, they have been in a romantic relationship for the past 10 years, and they’ve successfully kept it a secret from their parents.

They are currently 26 and 28 respectively, but there is pressure from their parents on his brother to get married.

According to the lady, she has deliberately gotten pregnant for her brother after her parents started mounting pressure on him to get married.

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She says she loves her brother and does not want to lose him.

Read her story below and share with us what you think.

Dear Tima, I don’t even know how to start, I’ve been dating my brother I mean my own blood brother for 10years now, it’s all started when our parents were away for a trip in the states 10 years ago I was 16 then and my brother was 18, one evening

I was bathing when I forgot my towel so I asked my brother to get it for me, as soon as my brother brought the towel he opened the bathroom door and started making advances at me started telling me how curvy I’ve become all of a sudden, before I knew it we were kissing he went naked and join me in the bathroom and we made love that’s when I lost my virginity, after that we started dating

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I slept in his room for a month until our parents came back from their trip even that once in a while I manage to sneak in his room to have sex, we fell so much in love but managed to hide it from our parents, we promised never to date anyone in our lives, honestly my brother is most handsome, adorable and caring human being I’ve ever met, fast forward.

I’m 26 now working in a reputable company my brother is 28 now also heading our dad’s company, life is so good until our parents started giving him pressure to settle down they complained bitterly how he hasn’t even bothered introducing a girl to the family, in fact, I started feeling uncomfortable when our parents started making those complaints.

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Last 3 months my brother managed to get a girlfriend and introduced to the family I was very furious with him but he told me we can’t do this forever, Tima after sleeping with him for 10 years this is the heartbreak I get?

So I also intentionally got pregnant in order to keep him forever and avoid him from marrying another woman, now I’m frustrated please what do I am 6 weeks pregnant.
Please help me, I love him so much. Comments are welcome

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