After A Woman Prepares Good Food For Her Husband And Children, He Should Be Able To Forgive Her If She Cheats – Pepperdem Ministries

In today’s lesson about ‘Unlearning Toxic Narratives’, the Pepper Dem Ministries are advising that men should forgive their wives for cheating so long as the lady performs every ‘wifely’ duty in the house.

If she cooks, cleans and bangs her hubby’s brains out to maximum satisfaction, cheating should be excused without question.

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The page wrote: “There’s nothing really wrong in a woman stepping out on her husband. The most important thing is that she performs her duties as a wife and mother.

“She must prepare nice, delicious meals for her husband and children, their home must be well kept and clean at all times, she must perform her sexual obligations as a wife and of course be submissive to her husband.

“If a woman does all these, then the man should be able to overlook something as minor as cheating.

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“The reason why a lot of men get angry when their wives cheat is that these women neglect their primary duties to their husband and children. -Shallom Asha #FlippingTheScript“.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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