Don’t Go Broke Trying To Impress Relatives Back Home – John Dumelo Warns Ghanaian ‘Bogas’

Politician and actor John Dumelo has advised Ghanaians, especially those living abroad to live life according to their standards.

The actor warned against too much spending and misuse of money when they visit for vacation or attend festivals.

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He gave an example of those who buy from expensive places and pay double the price of the goods just to impress others.

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He wrote on his Snapchat:

“This is to all those who are coming in dec. what you can afford is what you can afford. Don’t go broke trying to impress. Take your economy class like that. Food is almost same as business class. It’s only the cheese that’s different.

“Business class is $2000 more expensive than economy. We we all arrive same day, same time, our bags will come out same time. Just make sure you choose window seat in economy so you can tilt your head and sleep. And when you come to Gh too, don’t go buying bottles etc. Rose is 900gh, kpokeke is 9gh.

“But we will all get drunk sametine and vomit, Be wise wai. There’ll be good days and bad days. Sad days and happy days. There are some days where you’ll feel like you can achieve so much while other days make you feel completely useless. But never fort that God’s got your back.”



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