‘Don’t Treat Women Like Trash’ — CHRIS-VINCENT Writes On Alleged Rape Case Involving Anthony Dzamefe And Matters Arising

The rape accusation against Caveman Watches CEO Anthony Dzamefe has drawn a reaction from Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com, Chris-Vincent Agyapong.

Chris, in a post on Facebook, reacted after new screenshots appeared to show Dzamefe explaining what actually happened and that it was not a case of rape.

As we reported earlier, Dzamefe claims he had s*x with his accuser, Mary Brittle, on the promise that he would help her procure Ghc 7,000 to start a business. After managing the chop her down, Dzamefe started to ignore her calls and messages and she vowed to get back at him.

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Reacting to the screenshots, Chris warns that men have to be careful of their conduct with women because hurting them can result in such a scenario where your reputation would take a big hit.

“Don’t treat women like trash,” Chris warns. “People have feelings and when they feel hurt, they may act in a way that’s completely outrageous.”

Read his full post below…

I am not sure how authentic the attached images are but they support my notion that a lot of Ghanaian men treat women like garbage—making these women bitter and putting them in positions where malicious scheming against the men become the preferred option.

Throughout my life, I have not been a saint and I know I have ended relationships with women that they expected it to go beyond where we departed but I can boldly say I have never defrauded any of them in any sense of that word or failed to help or be nice to them.

I have ex-girlfriends from 10 years ago that even this year I have helped with money when when they have reached out for help.

Don’t treat women like trash.

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It’s dangerous and not right because of my status as a married man or else I would have loved to sit and pay for dinner for some of these ex-girlfriends and have long conversations about their lives and plans.

Life is a struggle so don’t let a person feel you have taken from her something and not given anything—even if it’s not like that.

7,000 GHS seems like a lot of money but considering the economic status of the person involved, that’s peanut.

We sometimes even give total strangers more than this amount to assist them when we can—so why somewhat accept to help her, perhaps the reason why she agreed to the sex and later treat her like a fool?

The way the man even writes, if he actually wrote this, shows he does not have respect for women. After the 6 round bouts blah blah—I stopped taking her calls. WTF! The hubris is obvious.

It may not be rape as consent was granted but she has completely toasted you to the world in a contemptuous and non-repairable manner.

People have feelings and when they feel hurt, they may act in a way that’s completely outrageous. Of course, that is not right so we have two options: avoid these women completely or don’t cut into them on the back lies.

The bedroom has become a far dangerous place to reputation, than anywhere else in the world these days. Be a gentleman at all times.

—Chris-Vincent Agyapong

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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