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Benefits of Water purifiers without RO on your health and Budget

Water purifiers without Reverse osmosis and with ultra violet filtration are becoming quite popular in a number of modern households. This is owing to the excellent protection it offers from water pollution and helping people with purified drinking water every time. though majority of the water purifiers have reverse osmosis and ultra violet filtration built in them, the recent advancements are to have water purifiers without ro. They help protect the user and the family from viruses and bacteria that cause diseases. The technology built in these water purifiers helps in removing all the hard water elements from the water such as Arsenic, Aluminum, and Magnesium. They also help in destroying the bacteria present in the water.

Health benefits of drinking purified water:

Drinking clean water will help in keeping the body replenished and helps in rendering the skin a healthy glow.

it helps in enhancing the taste of water which is otherwise tasteless and odor less. The water purifier helps in cleaning the contaminants and also restores the natural properties of water. The water from the purifiers are thus satisfying with every sip and also help in quenching the thirst.

It helps with tremendous cost savings. Having a water purifier at home helps to save the additional cost of buying bottled water for a day to day activities. They help with clean water for everyday use well within the budget of the consumer.

Having a water purifier at home is the most economical and time efficient way of drinking pure water instantly and there is no need to boil water by traditional methods to ensure its purity.

The most important advantage of drinking purified drinking water is that one uses less environmental resources rather than using a water purifier for drinking clean water. Buying bottled water creates plastic wastes that are to be discarded, and also increase the carbon footprint.

Why is it important to use water purifiers without RO?

Using water purifiers with RO has its own set of disadvantages as well,

The essential minerals in water are removed while removing the dissolved impurities, the RO also removes the natural minerals from water such as magnesium, iron, sodium, calcium,etc., that are beneficial for the human body. There is more likely that the RO water can cause a mineral deficiency in the body.

The RO water does not kill the bacteria and viruses that are responsible for spreading water borne diseases. There are high probabilities that the water disease causing micro-organisms to pass through the RO water membranes. Thus it is important to pass the RO water through UV purification process so as to treat the microorganisms.

  • As the natural minerals are removed from the RO water, there is a natural tendency of this water to get demineralized. As a result, the taste of the water gets affected, it becomes tasteless.
  • Also, RO water purifiers take more time to purify the water and a lot of water comes over as water compared to the quantity of water that gets flushed down as waste water.
  • RO water purifiers are costlier compared with the purifiers that have UV filtration. And also, RO water purification units consume more electric power than their counterparts.
  • There is no known mechanism to locate exactly when to replace the RO membrane. There are all possibilities for chlorine to damage the RO membrane. The chlorine compounds can make small pores on the RO membrane, clog them and can create a drastic reduction in their performance.
  • If the RO membranes get broke down, there are all possibilities of salts, bacteria, and viruses to pass through the membrane.
  • It is compulsory to replace the RO membranes once in a year which can be a costly affair for many households.

The maintenance cost of RO water purifiers in India:

The maintenance cost of the RO water purifiers is huge and comes as a burden for a majority of households in India. The maintenance of these purifiers involves changing of the cartridge components such as the pre water filter cartridge, post carbon filter, and the demineralizer cartridge. It is mandatory to change all of these cartridges in the RO water purifier, including its membrane once every year. Most of the users prefer water purifiers without reverse osmosis considering the maintenance cost that it incurs.

While buying the RO water purifier, the company that sold the water purifier to the user would usually render an annual water purifier service contract so as to perform maintenance service for the purifier that has been brought from them. The annual maintenance contract will be a minimum of 5% of the value of the purifier, which is to be paid for maintenance purposes.

Many clever people use a sediment filter prior to the intake of the water purifier so as to filter out the mud and the dust particles that are predominantly found in the water supply in India.

Best Buy water purifiers:

One of the best ways to buy water purifier without RO in India is to first have a look at all the existing models of water purifiers available at all the leading online stores in India. This way it is possible to decide on the final purchase and the model. It is also a good idea to do window shopping in many physical stores so as to identify the best model of water purifier by checking their physical features. Choose a filter that has the maximum warranty and preferably a purifier without an RO unit as their demerits outnumber their advantages.

Final words:

The most common problem with the RO water filters and purifiers is that they demand a high inlet water pressure, and they waste a lot of water in the reject stream. They remove all essential elements from the drinking water resulting in the ingestion of demineralized water. So, most people have refrained to water purifiers without RO and choosing those with UV and UF filtration techniques.

This post was published on September 15, 2019 11:55 AM

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