GC EXCLUSIVE: Obrafour’s ‘Pae Mu Ka’ Documentary and Premiere Suspended By Hammer of the Last Two—Over False Claims and Inconsistencies of Several Featured Industry Persons

Telling the story of Obrafour, an artist who has made an indelible mark on shaping music in and beyond Ghana is important—but it’s not as important as getting every fact right, including the tiny details.

Obrafour’s ‘Pae Mu Ka’ documentary

Obrafour’s ‘Pae Mu Ka’ documentary which was to be premiered at the SilverBird Cinema on 27 September 2019 as part of the celebration of the musician’s 20years’ anniversary has been postponed, a reliable source close to the documentary has told Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com.

According to the source, Hammer of the Last Two has pointed to Obrafour and his financiers the deeply troubling widespread false claims and inconsistencies which have characterized the documentary. They have, therefore, agreed to halt the making of the documentary and the scheduled premiere.

Apparently, several industry players including artists who have been featured have been talking BS—mostly lying to somehow praise themselves or deceitfully placing themselves into events that did not take place or even if they took place, that they were not present.

In short, the documentary has failed to capture the zeitgeist of two decades ago when Obrafour took charge of our airwave and his journey so far—so much that premiering the documentary in its current state on 27 September would be a total distortion of historical facts, Hammer is said to have made such a case for the suspension.

Hammer of the Last Two

As a result, several portions of the documentary have been labeled inappropriate or factually inaccurate and the documentary markers, even though unhappy about the halt, have been asked to cancel the premiere.

Hammer who was with a walking-stick because of a leg injury is said to have gone berserk at the studio yesterday during the shooting of the final part of his portion of the documentary–by the documentary maker’s haste attempt to premiere the documentary without fine-tuning the facts and the details.

The book which is being written on Obrafour’s journey has been affected too—as the writer has agreed to halt the writing and to re-visit already written chapters.

A new date for the premiere will soon be announced.   


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