Fame Can Be Fleeting; Young People Should Not Rush Into It- Tracey Boakye

Kumawood actress and movie maker Tracey Boakye is not here today to slam the many things she has achieved. Today the mother of one wants to share with us a free piece of advice.

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According to Tracey, just like we all know—fame can be fleeting and one needs to make mastery of it in order not to mess their lives up once they hit the limelight.

She advised that young people should not rush into it, adding that it is almost as if all that people are concerned with when it comes to fame is the flashy and luxurious lifestyle without a plan on future contingencies.

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“The young ones should have patients with the fame they want and not rush into it. After becoming famous for a while and it fades away it is not worth it, take your time. They think being famous is all about dressing well with iPhone X max, they don’t think about the future but rather just enjoy using the phone.

“When you do that in your useful age and gets old without nothing you envy young ones who have made it in life and ends up accusing your innocent mother forgetting you are the cause,” she told Afia Schwar.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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