I Have Been Through Things That Could Lead People To Take Their Lives- Caroline Talks About Her Experience With Men

Tell us about your heartbreaks and let us confirm to you that you are not alone in this one— everyone has had and would have their fair share of all of that at a point.

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Today, it is media personality and radio presenter Caroline Sampson who is spilling hers. According to the mother of one, she has not had it any easy when it comes to the male species. She says she has had bad relationships that could potentially render someone suicidal or land them in a psychiatric home.

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“I have been through things that would render people in psychiatric hospitals or lead them to take their lives”

She adds that had it not been her son and the need for her to keep positive energy, she would have loathed the entire male species. Caroline recently revealed that she would be getting married mid next year.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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