Blame TV Stations For The Decline Of The Movie Industry – Eddie Nartey

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Ghanaian actor and movie director Eddie Nartey has blamed television stations for the decline of local movies in Ghana.

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In an interview with Mamavi Owusu Aboagye on the Cosmopolitan Mix on Joy FM, he said the TV stations should always prioritize local contents over the foreign ones.

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He also blasted TV stations which bargain for partnership with the producers when they buy movies. According to him, it makes it difficult for producers to get any profit at the end, and that discourages them from putting in more effort to produce again.

“You do a television series and they would not buy it. Even if they love it, they will tell you ‘let’s do a partnership, go and look for your sponsors and let us look for ours’, obviously they have sponsors on board already so they just put it up and the producer may have to show it for free,” he said.


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