I Almost Formed A Music Group With Pappy Kojo – Joey B

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Rapper Joey B has disclosed why he did not form any music group with his friend Pappy Kojo despite the expectations of fans.

Music fans have for a longtime been expecting Joey B and his ”brother” Pappy Kojo to form a group as they do everything together.

But in an interview on Hitz FM with Jay Foley, Joey B said some of their colleagues were jealous of their relationship between him and Pappy Kojo. He revealed they almost formed a group at a point because they were inseparable.

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“People were frightened… even our colleagues when you go out, they say yooo… but within their hearts, they want to be in your position. They don’t understand how do you two boys come, have a hit song or hit songs from a genre that is not supposed to be like that…like hip-hop. Realer No became like a household thing,” he said.

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“God brings people together, sometimes to lift you by bringing others into your life. And we also get that platform to help others. We wanted to keep it going but people planned to split us.”

“We almost became a group. Everything between me and Pappy was natural…all what we were doing happens like magic. We still have some songs that if we released it today, it will be a hit song. We haven’t dropped the songs due to priorities. He has his plans and I have mine,” he added.


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