More Gists On Why The 29 Year Old US Army Officer Killed Himself

The sad news of a 29-year-old army officer who has killed himself surfaced online yesterday.

According to reports, The army officer Prince Yeboah Wiredu killed himself because his wife allegedly cheated on him.

However, there is a new twist to the whole issue.

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Sources claim that the US army officer was accused of rape by three different women, leading to him being court-martialled by the U.S Navy.

Even though Prince Yeboah Wiredu pleaded not guilty to the allegations, he is said to have been proven guilty and sentenced to 12 months confinement, reduction to pay grade E-1, total forfeitures for 12 months, a dishonourable discharge, as well as being recommended for civil prosecution.

The Court-Martial charged him on sexual assault violation and dismissed two of the charges for lack of enough evidence.

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This according to some people traumatised the young army officer to kill himself, but not because his wife cheated on him.

However, there’s no confirmation on what really caused his suicide. Stay with us for more gists..

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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