‘As An Atheist, It Intrigues Me That for A Strongly Christian Country Corruption Is Such A BIG Problem In Ghana’ – Australian High Commissioner Calls Out Ghanaian Religious Hypocrisy

It’s the question for the ages that no one in Ghana is ever able to answer. Ghana is overwhelmingly religious, in fact one of the most religious nations in the world according to Pew research.

Simultaneously, Ghana is also one of the most corrupt nations in the world, according to myself, every other Ghanaian who’s ever lived in Ghana and of course, most corruption indices.

I once asked the same question on Facebook and now a foreign dignitary is asking – if we’re so religious, why is our country so corrupt?

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Or as I put it, where are all the secret atheists in the system doing all the corruption that the oh high and mighty Christians are not allowed to engage in?

The Australian High Commissioner to Ghana, Andrew Barnes, has the same question.

According to him, as an atheist in this country, he’s surprised to see that despite being so Christian, we are drowning in corruption.

“Not only is corruption illegal, but it is also immoral and strongly against Christian teachings,” Barnes said in a recent speech.

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“As an atheist, it intrigues me to see that for a strongly Christian country, corruption is such a problem in Ghana,” he added.

Truer words have never been spoken.

Maybe, just maybe, that whole religion thing is just a cloak to allow some humans to pretend to be pious, use it to judge those they don’t like whilst still doing everything they’re allegedly not supposed to do.

The perfect scam, I’ll say.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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