Shatta Wale And I Are Special, Special People Deserve Special Treatment – Irresponsible Stonebwoy Begs Government to Make their Case A ‘Foolish’ Case

If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.

After causing fear and panic and endangering public safety at the recently held Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA), Stonebwoy is now begging for him and Shatta Wale to be let off the hook.

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Annoyingly, he doesn’t have any logical reason for their case to be dismissed other than claiming Shatta Wale and himself are ‘special people’.

Speaking on Citi Fm, Stonebwoy said as a special person and Shatta Wale as a special person, the two of them have to be treated differently from every other Ghanaian.

“In Ghana, Stonebwoy is special, Shatta Wale is special. We are too special. Special people get some special treatment like the bosses get some bossy ‘chick’,” Stonebwoy said.

“The reality of the matter is that the two of us have led by example as leaders as we are because leaders will clash, leaders will fight but the speed at which they realize also matters. Sometimes it takes time.

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“After the incident, the speed and mindset that we used to connect back realizing that millions of Ghanaians live on us and dropping from our high horses and meeting each other halfway were loved. I think there should be a contact point or a factor that will influence those who hold the law to check it out.

“Also, the constitution gives the government the legal right to call off certain cases and if we are special, we deserve it”, Stonebwoy added.

I don’t know how high Stonebwoy was before that program but trying to portray himself and Shatta Wale as essentially above the law is the most offensive thing he could ever do.

We all know that case is not going anywhere since this is Ghana and justice is never served, but for a supposed role model to pass such irresponsible comments when so many youth are under his influence is the height of ignorance.

Essentially, he’s saying celebrities should get away with breaking the law because they’re ‘special’. That already happens everyday in this country but at least no one is dumb enough to say it out lout in such a fashion.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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