Breakups Are In Fact Good For Us- Nigerian Lady Write- Goodness In Goodbye?

How anyone would think there is goodness in breakups is something I can never fathom. I mean it feels like your heart is literally being pulled out so pardon me if I see no fun in having my heartbroken. Nonetheless, one Nigerian IG user has maintained that as bad and sad breakups are, they are in fact good for us.

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According to Eva Alodiah, a rapper and a writer, anyone who is meant to be in your life would definitely find their way back into your life no matter how long it takes. She is of the view that break ups allow us the chance to reflect on our individual lives, work on ourselves just so we don’t repeat the same mistakes in our next relationships.

“Why is it so Hard for you to Get over your #Ex? Have you thought about this at all or are you simply just deciding that you cannot get over them?
Breakups are hard, especially when you have spent time connecting and building with someone.

“Unfortunately sometimes, things end.
They just do.
But it’s up to you to realize when it is time to let go and stop fighting to hold on to things.”

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“As bad as Breakups are, they are in fact good for us.
They help us reflect on who we were in the past relationship, and who we want to be moving forward.
Breakups introduce us to a whole new Self that we never before knew existed.

“So I challenge you today to face yourself, to get back into the sweet rhythm of your life and to Live again.

“And stop telling yourself that you cannot get over them, for this is a Lie and Time will prove you wrong. “

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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