Ghanaian Doctor Narrates The Hell He Went Through To Save The Life Of A 2-Day-Old Baby─All Because Of Ghana’s Shitty Healthcare

One of the numerous problems facing Ghana and Africa at large is healthcare─and it’s bad to the extent that people die over minor sicknesses which at any advanced country would be treated easily.

Ghana upon all its numerous mineral resources still faces problems within its healthcare sector.

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A Ghanaian Medical Doctor, Emmanuel Addipa-Adapoe has taken to his Facebook timeline and narrated the hell and stress he went through to save the life of a 2-day-old baby who was delivered through Caesarean section.

Take a read at what actually happened below.

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“This is the mode in which I have had to carry a 2-day old baby from my hospital to Koforidua this morning. 
Baby delivered via Caesarean section on account of Severe Preeclampsia and meconium stained liquor. 
Baby has severe birth Asphyxia and we have done well on resuscitation so far but the child needs a NICU. So 
I have duly referred
I fell on a friend who loaned us his latest Toyota Hilux pick up
I improvised an ambulance like in the picture
I picked up my ambubag and penguin for periodic supplementary oxygenation and suctioning respectively.

We have arrived at Ekye and are waiting for the Pontoon for another 20 minutes crossing on the Volta lake to Adawso en route to the Easten Regional Hospital Koforidua.

Please say a prayer for us”.



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