Ghanaian Prophet Bernard Opoku Nsiah In HOT WATER After Allegedly Taking Money from A Lady to Start A Church, CHOPPING It and then Refusing to REFUND – SCREENSHOTS

This is nothing new, honestly. Religion, or let’s say Christianity, has been turned into an avenue for business in this country.

The whole business of saving souls has become a front for crooks who want to get rich, using the eagerness of Africans for religious direction to enrich themselves whilst giving nothing in return but empty promises.

You just have to look around to see the pastors who are so rich it defies belief, presiding over congregations full of poor people whose little monies fund the massive lifestyle of these ‘con men’ masquerading as ‘men of God’.

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A Ghanaian prophet known as Bernard Opoku Nsiah, the head pastor of the Christian Redemption International Ministry (CRIM) in Koforidua, has been accused of living a similar lifestyle by a Ghanaian lady based in the U.S.

According to the lady, Opoku Nsiah, through a mutual friend, made contact with her in the U.S. Nsiah sold her a vision of building a new church in Arkansas in the States.

Due to her ties with charity organizations and desire to always help whoever and whenever she can, he asked for her help in getting a non-profit licence for the church, which she offered plus a contribution of $1,000.

Prophet Nsiah – alleged ‘swindler’

According to the lady, who spoke with GhanaCelebrities.Com, nothing happened to the project after she contributed towards it.

Realizing that her money had been squandered, she contacted the prophet for a refund, but he refused to pay back despite promising to do so several times.

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Not only did he refuse to pay back, he arrogantly tried to brush her aside for trying to get her money back.

GhanaCelebrities.Com has been furnished with the screenshots of their chat with appears to show that Opoku indeed admitted taking the money, accepted the responsibility of paying back but then refused to do so.

Check out their alleged chats in the screenshots below… (1) (2)

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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