I’ll Sue Government If they Try to Teach Kids About S*xuality – Clueless Maurice Ampaw Joins the CSE ‘Debate’

More education always beats less education. It’s only in Ghana that we believe the opposite to be true.

A planned new curriculum to be introduced by the government to teach ‘Comprehensive S*x Education’ (CSE) to kids in Ghana has been met with stiff resistance by the usual religious charlatans who oppose all progress in Ghana under the veneer of morality.

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Their reasons for opposing it are numerous, including claims it would teach children to be ‘bad’, it’s satanic or demonic or that it’s a ploy to introduce kids to lesbianism and gayism.

GhanaCelebrities.Com‘s Founding editor Chris-Vincent Agyapong has already shredded those flimsy religious excuses, but that’s not stopping generally clueless lawyer Maurice Ampaw from adding his voice.

According to him, he’s going to sue the government if the CSE is ever implemented.

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“It is illegal to teach every child at that tender age s*xuality. Parents have the interest to protect their children from exploitation. If you dare teach my child below 12 about s*x, I will sue you because I can’t afford to have my child getting abused s*xually by teachers because they are being taught s*xuality,” he told Neat Fm in an interview.

“The old system is far better than what is being proposed now. S*x education should begin from junior high school and not toddlers. It is a non-starter.

“Teachers are already abusing our children s*xually and so if you bring in such a subject, then we will begin to witness s*xual abuse on children who have no capacity about s*x.” Ampaw alleged.

This is pretty easy to settle – a child who knows sex-ed and proper sexual conduct versus one who knows zero about sexual conduct – which is more likely to know and report to their parents when they’ve been s*xually assaulted?

But it’s the Ghanaian way – never use our brains in relation to issues but base everything on emotions and a non-existent morality.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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