Price of FanYogo goes up from GHC1.00 to GHC1.20

There is a general increase in prices of goods and services in recent times and your favourite ice cream FanYogo isn’t an exception.

Today, FanYogo Ghana in a post on Facebook announced the increase of their prices, much to the disappointment of their customers.

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Yoghurt, which was previously sold at 1 cedis is now sold at GHC1.20 . “Just a little more so we can keep giving you more,” they wrote.

The reactions from Ghanaians have been negative so far, with many saying they won’t buy it again.

“Then You Guys will Eat your Thing. We Pray Pepsi and Miranda Dont follow Your footsteps..if they do, then The next available substitute will be Sobolo,” a Facebook user wrote.

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Another also commented, “Yogurt is to small to be 1.20p, u people have reduced everything in size are we the consumers course of the problem please the market is now a competition so keep reducing the quantity.”

The increment is not unexpected as prices of transport fares have gone up and Tele-communications are also imposing some percentages of increment in the use of their services, including the prices of water and electricity.



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