Perhaps It Is No HeartBreak- Maybe Shyngle’s A$$ Shifted Or She Broke Her Hip Or Any Of The Billion Things Celebs Do To Garner Attention

When it comes to these celebs, one cannot readily tell what they have up their sleeve. They live their lives behind some shady veil so much so that even when they have real-life issues, no one believes them.

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And who can blame us, we have been constantly lied to, we see no shred of truth in whatever they say next. Just weeks ago, Gambian Princess Shyngle was all over Instagram, talking and flaunting the love of her life in our faces and that became ever suffocating when she claimed she has gotten a ring from this supposed man. Barely 48 hours ago, she shared a video of herself and this man behind the camera at a mall, on a shopping spree which she claimed was sponsored by this same man.

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What did we wake up today? Shyngle has deleted everything she has on IG— according to her, she is taking a hiatus from social media because she is going through intense pain and asked that we pray for her. How deleting stuff from social media relates to the pain remains known to her alone.

People are alluding that it might be on the back of a breakup but the truth is, it could be true and equally it could be one of the billion things celebs do to garner attention.

For all we know, this is a publicity stunt or her hip fractured (which would be painful looking at how thin her waist is) or her ass shifted or something which is not as relevant.

Whichever way the case is, we will wait for the full story when she returns— for the time being, we wish her light and love.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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