Redefining Your Friends—A Night of Dinner and Conversations with Nana Aba Anamoah

Over the years, as the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com, the leading Ghanaian Entertainment and Celebrity focused blog, I’ve been struggling as to how to maintain the so many celebrity friends I’ve come to reluctantly make without them not somewhat influencing what my blog can publish, especially about them.

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I quickly learnt from the early years of my blogging life that a lot of these celebrities were friends for a single purpose—so that when something about them comes up, I wouldn’t roast them to the core, or would stand by them.

Keeping celebrity friends when your business is about reporting what they don’t want reported is beyond dicey. In fact, it affects profits.

Soon, I realised that the too many celebrity friends was even affecting the profits of our business—most of them do not bring you any business and they also become obstacles in the path of running your business.

So, in the last year or so, I made a conscious effort to cut down contacts with those who think they are my Super Editors. I mean those who call me every minute the blog publishes a story about themselves or friends, even if I don’t know about it, to complain that we are friends so why are my writers not treating them as some favourites.

Anyone who has to constantly remind you that we are friends is not a true friend.

Objectivity, I always argue is an illusion but plain bias is a disease and these celebrity friends wanted to turn my blog into some online PR portal, and not the throat-cutting blog I launched many years ago.

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It was a hard decision but I realised the only way forward is to redefine my friends—and keep contact with the few who are business-minded, and more importantly, do not seek to interfere in our writings.

The above led to the redefining of my friends to weed out those who are plainly parasites, those who bring no business but only are in this so-called friendship for their own selfish benefits.

And Nana Aba Anamoah is one of those friends I wanted to keep. Perhaps, because she is an Editor at GHONE herself, she does not seek to interfere in our reports about her, or her friends. Even the few occasions she has commented on reports to me concerning others, she did so appropriately.

What, therefore, is not to like about having such a friend? You can have a night of great conversation where you can talk about everything—from politics to entertainment, over fine Japanese food at Mayfair, London, without any of you being mindful of your words or the other putting up the usual celebrity facade.

In life, everyone should regularly review their friends’ list and remove those who do not bring you any form of progress. If there is a lot of space, add new “better” persons and you would soon see a tremendous improvement in your life.

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When it comes to friendships or any form of relationship, status shouldn’t be a deciding factor—rather quality. Avoid those who always want to interfere in your business for their self gains.

By the way, what Nana Aba is looking into, is her drink she ordered that we were confused about.

Good Morning!

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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