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CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: I Asked My Friend’s Husband to Leave Her—And She Was Shocked I Could Do That

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Are you the kind of wife or girlfriend who cannot overcome the temptation of taking your husband or boyfriend’s phone to check whether or not he’s cheating? Then read the below post by Chris-Vincent Agyapong on how a husband nearly left his wife─all because she took a number from his phone and called to verify whether she is his side chick or not.

About two weeks ago while I was driving through London with one of my millionaire friends who had visited from Ghana, a female friend I know from Facebook kept calling me.

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Dropping the calls were not enough to stop her from calling. I didn’t want to answer it as the Bluetooth connection meant that everyone in my car including my friend’s wife would hear whatever conversation we will have.

But she kept calling and to end the somewhat nuisance that the constant call and messages were creating, I picked the call.

My friend was panicking: she told me that her husband is about to leave her and her mother-in-law is in support of that.

I asked her, what happened?

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She didn’t reply but rather begged me to help her clear her name. I was confused. So I asked, what did you do?

She told me that she was being framed or lied on that she wants to kill her husband.

That’s a serious allegation—what happened, I said.

She explained that she picked the phone number of a woman she believes is her husband’s side chick from his phone and called the woman to talk to her. However, the woman went to tell her husband that his wife called her to ask her that they should come together and kill him because he is not a good man.

The woman even showed the husband her call log as evidence of her claim.

Now, her husband has informed his mother and they are both worried about the killing allegation and they want her to leave.

To her shock, I told her that her husband should indeed leave her—because she is not just stupid but also wicked.

I asked her to give me her husband’s number so I can actually encourage him to leave her.

My millionaire friend who heard the entire conversation agreed—that she is a silly woman who deserves whatever has come her way.

Why would you pick your husband’s phone in the first place? And then pick a number from it and call the number? Now, how are we sure you are being set up and that indeed you did not tell the woman whatever she is alleging, my friend said.

Yesterday, I messaged this my friend to ask if the husband has left her yet! And she said, No but she has learnt a big lesson.

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I told her, you are a lucky woman—if I were your husband, I would have believed that you want to kill me and leave you for that. I won’t take changes with death threats from a woman I live with.

A lot of women have joined silly facebook pages where they are encouraged to act stupidly in their relationships without evaluating the consequences.

Is your husband’s phone your phone? I love the smartness of the said side chick.


This post was published on October 4, 2019 8:50 AM

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