Bukom Banku Says He Will Start Bleaching Again After Retiring From Boxing

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Ghanaian boxer, Bukom Banku has disclosed that as soon as he retires from boxing, his next line of work will be bleaching.

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Speaking in an interview with DJ Nyaami, Bukom Banku said he realized that when he was bleaching the media and people were talking about him making him popular but the level of popularity went down when he stopped bleaching.

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According to him, he stopped the bleaching because it made him he’s easily prone to injuries when boxing.

But since he will be retiring from boxing soon — at age 45 — we should expect him to go back to the bleaching full time so that he becomes the talk of the public again.

He added that he knows very well that bleaching is not good, however he just want to do it for some cheap popularity.

SOURCE: Ghanacelebrities.com

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