Christians Cannot Impose their Values On Everyone In Ghana – Sydney Casely-Hayford Responds to Religious Backlash Against the CSE

The attempt to introduce a new ‘Comprehensive S*xual Education’ (CSE) curriculum in Ghanaian schools has sparked off a fire among religious Ghanaians who claim the CSE is a demonic attempt to turn all our children into gays and lesbians.

That has led to stiff opposition to the new s*x ed program, even though most of those opposing it have not even seen the policy much less read it.

In Ghana, nothing is as important as maintaining our pretence of morality.

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Responding to the critics, Occupy Ghana’s Sydney Casely-Hayford has called out Christians for attempting to impose their values on the whole country.

According to him, it’s not right to think that a policy must make Christians happy before it can be implemented, even if it’s a good policy.

Hayford defended the CSU and said it’s purpose is to teach children about different people and orientations out there, but not to change their orientation.

He said on Citi TV: “There’s an attempt by some Christians to impose their values on others in society and that’s not right. The CSE has nothing to do with religion, it has to do with knowledge and education,”

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He added: “CSE is not meant to tell our children to change their sexual preferences, it’s meant to educate our kids that the larger world is filled with people with varied orientations.”

Who but an unreasonable religious zealot can disagree with this much-needed education for our kids?

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