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Hilarious But True Ways To Know If Your Musician Boyfriend Is Cheating On You

The alarming rate at which celebrity break-ups keep hitting the media; majority being musicians makes one wonder what exactly is the cause of those breakups!

A common cause in all the breakup stories we’ve heard bothers on unfaithfulness on the part of the musicians and the other celebrities involved.

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We have therefore put together this practical but satirical piece to point out the red flags that should not be taken for granted in relationships.

The main players are musicians and their partners that were once caught up in such moments.

Red Flags to note;

First, is there a “Bestie” in your partner’s life? I mean a best friend of the opposite sex that your partner is so attached to?

Do they take raunchy pictures like the one below and have the effrontery to post it on social me?

Well, if the answer is ‘yes’ then there is a possibility of cheating.

Trust me no matter how delicious your ‘Ghana Jollof’ is you’ve got to be careful on this!

like that of Sister Deborah,  you will scream “ Medikal don’t lie to me’  but he won’t be perturbed.

His next move will be to tell you ‘ayekoo’ by describing the bestie’s (Fella Makafui) b*tt as being a plantation and encourage her to put her waist on a rotation.

And after several days of crying all, you will be left with is to drink water and mind your business.

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Medikal and Sister Derby were once in love. However, Fella Makafui came in the scene as the bestie of Medikal and managed her way to snatch him from the beautiful Derby.

Don’t let this happen to you. Spot this red Flag early and advice yourself accordingly. If you enjoy this piece and want to learn more, stay glued to GhanaCelebrities.com for more.


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