LGBT Will be Legalized in Ghana- Prophet Cosmos Walker

A Prophecy on Legalization of LGBT by His Grace Cosmos Walker.

The debate about the legalization of LGBT in Ghana has deepened.

The recent outburst by most Ghanaians about the leaked Comprehensive Sexuality Education Guidelines for Basic Schools says a lot about their stand on the topic.

The latest to join the conversation is a Prophet called His Grace Cosmos Walker.

Check his post on Facebook below:

Prophet Walker predicted about several issues in the country and the world as a whole that came to pass.

One of those prophecies was the fate of the missing Takoradi girls that he indicated before the news broke that they were killed. He said the aftermath of their death is hardship which not long ago he confirmed on his Facebook to be the cause of the recent tariffs hikes and the public outcry in Ghana now.

Read his post below 

As to how true this Prophecy of LGBT going to be legalized in Ghana is only God knows.

Is Ghana ready for the legalization of LGBT? Judging by the anger and the vehement protest to reject the CSE by Ghanaians, one can say attempt by any President to legalize this right will be met by an unbearable force that his government cannot handle.

The opposition NDC party also expressed their displeasure about LGBT in the video below…

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