Money Is The Root Of All Evil Has Never Made Sense To Me- Kafui Danku

1 Timothy 6:10 makes us come to the understanding that, the love of money is the root of all evil but we beg to differ if we think the lack of it is what brings the worst possible evil thoughts in our already dark minds.

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It is amazing how people have allowed themselves to believe that even without money, they can survive in this life, and just like actress Kafui Danku as established, it is money rather than has the answers to all things. Money in itself is all forms and shades of power.

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The mother of two says it is senseless to even admit to that. “Money Is The Root Of All Evil” and it got me thinking again… HOW POSSIBLE! How on earth can money be the root of evil ? Let me make this easy, let’s take for instance people living in posh estates against people living in the slums; who experiences more evil ?
The infamous quote has never made sense to me ; but rather “Money answereth all things” 

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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