VIDEO: Inside The ‘Cold Room’ Of University Of Lagos Where Female Students Are S*xually Harassed By Lecturers

A video of the “cold room” where female Nigerian students are s*xually harassed by Lecturers disclosed by Dr Boniface to the BBC Investigative Journalist has popped up on the internet.

Dr Boniface in the exposé disclosed that there is a secret room on the campus of Unilag called “cold room” where Lecturers take female students and s*xually harass.

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According to reports, the “Cold room” has been shut down by authorities of the University of Lagos following the BBC’s “S*x for grades” documentary.

Also in Ghana, Professor Ransford Gyampo captured in the “S*x for grades” exposé has been cleared of any wrongdoing in the documentary by the University of Ghana Committee responsible for the scrutiny of S*xual harassment cases against Lecturers.

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Skip the video to 37:54 and watch the “Cold room” at the University of Lagos.


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