I’m Not A Fan Of Kaakie Because She’s Not Musically Talented – But I Respect Her For Upgrading Herself Academically – Chris-Vincent Writes

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Defunct Ghanaian musician Kaakie born Grace Kaki Awo Ocansey is being hailed across all portals for completing her masters in the face of fame.

Unlike many Ghanaian celebrities who cannot boast of a common degree, Kaaki has mashed the odds to bag a Masters Degree certificate from the Anglia University in London.

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On that note, GhanaCelebrities.Com Founding Editor, Chris-Vincent Agyapong accords her respect for looking beyond fame!

Read his post below;

I am not a fan of Ghanaian dancehall artiste, Kaakie—I believe she is not talented, musically.

However, I will always respect her hustle and the fact that she has been able to think about the most important thing in life, education—at a time when it seems everyone is chasing the fragility of fame.

I have respect, on default, for anyone who takes an interest in educating themselves and provides alternatives for their own life.

The best thing I ever did in life, is to educate myself to a level I can confidently look into the eyes of others and smugly say, ‘I am well educated.’

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I see a lot of Ghanaian artists/celebrities with no sense of direction. This music or acting thing in Africa is not there yet. Even if you are there, think about feeding your brain with some knowledge or path you can take when things get tough.

I have seen a lot of bloggers, congratulating Kaakie for completing a degree in the UK—and they themselves are still writing their bad grammar, without any sense of wanting to further their education.

What’s there not to love about a woman with some real certificates to her name?

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