VIDEO: The Title ‘Friend’ Is Too Big For Me To Classify Wendy Shay As My Friend – Fantana

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Fantana, even though has admitted that she got to know Bullet through Wendy Shay but she isn’t her friend─and this is the second time she has said this after she was signed onto Rufftown Records.

It’s obvious that there is something rough going on between Wendy Shay and Fantana under the watch of their Manager, Bullet.

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Fantana a few months ago during her interview with Founding Editor of, Chris-Vincent Agyapong, admitted that Wendy Shay is her friend but it seems things have changed now.

In a recent interview with Arnold Mensah on Sammy Flex TV, she disclosed that she can’t remember the last time she spoke to Wendy Shay.

She stated clearly that the title ‘Friend’ is too big for her to classify Wendy Shay as one of her friends.

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According to Fantana, she only talks to Wendy Shay when there is something to discuss of talk about.

Watch the short interview below.

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Aaah i want to be sure if i posted this particular video cus it seems its a different interview again…. This one tho, her reign will last for a short time and to @bullet_rufftown i hope @wendyshayofficial is comfortable in your camp, if not release her so she can move to where she can do music at ease… All these is very much uncomfortable for some of us, how much more her… If you cant control this one, letting her know her rights and pointing out to her that she must appreciate the fact that Wendy was the REASON she is sitting where she is today, cus upon all her self acclaimed money she couldnt get the fame, she said she knew sista Afia and Shatta, yet none of them could give her the limelight, it took Wendy to get her to you, if she cannot acknowledge her then i guess, you allowed this to happen. And i will be very disappointed in you if you make Wendy's life miserable at the camp bcus of this titi of a girl. If you must know, this one here has no charisma compare to Wendy Shay, this one is no musician, she wasnt born with it, she is trying to fit in. Like a square peg trying to fit in a round hole… Make no mistake, i feel her mother's money is controlling your decisions, be very careful. You are the leader so act as such. Do the needful before things get out of hand. If someone who isnt a friend can link u up to something great i bet that someone is an angel.

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