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Innocentia Writes: Nobody Asked You To Date A Boytoy – Shut Up Already Sister Derby!

Ghanaian musician Deborah Vanessa is lately becoming a thorn in our flesh after her failed relationship with Medikal.

After several months of posing unperturbed, unwavering and unbroken, Sister Derby is now letting the cat out — and it tastes bitter!

The other time, she unscrupulously said ‘Men are trash‘. Again she’s out to say her black dog is ‘fine pass more people‘.

This is sad and very, very unfortunate..

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Before this damsel let out her heart to Medikal, she was a free-spirited cheerful girl, unstressed and all young even though she had crossed her 30th.

In a space of 2 years, most likeable Derby has developed hatred for men and she’s raining insults already.

It seems like she has traded her sorrows for hate because she once chose to love and got rejected.

Such is our world, we mostly do not get what we want because there’s so much friction out there — everyone one is attracting what they want and we are at the mercy of the universe. We don’t get to choose our fate.

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However, if one door closes, another opens and you may be lucky at your next door.

I didn’t even set out to go this soft on Derby at all. I believe in one way or the other she contributed to this mess — the moment she said ‘YES’ to Medikal or however she gave in.

There may have been caring people, good-hearted people, loving fellows and considerate individuals who came in her way, but she said ‘NO’.

She decided to choose a boytoy musician who came to ride on her fame. She gave in for a 26-year-old young man who had no purpose for ever settling down in a relationship, and when there’s no direction for anything in motion, it crashes.

So to cause that woe, Fella Makafui showed up with her obtrusive b*tt which is probably more pleasing to Medikal than Derby’s so he also fell for it. That’s just it. See it as a closed chapter. There’s no need forcing any content in it (Medikal’s chapter in your life is over). He shouldn’t be important to you. He shouldn’t inform your daily decisions.

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Flip over to a fresh page for good content. This time, go in with your mind working smart, not with a heart yearning. Say yes to a matured man who will respect you and what you stand for, not a baby.

Say yes to a decent man who won’t expose you when your relationship doesn’t work.

And lastly, know that some things are worth being a secret. If we didn’t know about you and Medikal, you wouldn’t be carrying this load of regret on your head.

In the meantime, I think you should shut up, but if you’re going through some psychological trauma, seek medical attention.

You deserve to be happy and be at peace with all ‘men’!

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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