It’s Either Serwaa Amihere And Kofi Kapito Had A Fling In The Past Or Are Good Friends For Him To Admire Her Butts In Public

For an older man with grey hair like Kofi Kapito to mount the podium, glance through the audience of about 300 or more women and spot one of them─that’s Serwaa Amihere and then admire and talk about her butts isn’t one of those usual compliments from men.

It’s either Kofi Kapito and Serwaa Amihere had a fling in the past or they are good friends for him to gather such boldness, turn a blind eye on her beauty and then talk about her butts in front of about 1000 or even more guests at the 2019 RTP Awards.

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As it stands now, there are no traces of a possible fling they had in the past, neither is there a proof that they are good friends.

Perhaps, Kofi Kapito should come out and tell us what tempted him to admire and even spend time to talk about someone’s girlfriend’s butts in public.

Well, Serwaa Amihere says it’s a classic case of s*xual harassment and that she has lost respect for him.

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Kofi Kapito definitely knows why he admired Serwaa’s butts in public but he hasn’t bothered to even say a word─not to talk about an apology─Kofi Kapito must be a stubborn old man huh?



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