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Ghanaian Lady Finally Receives Her U.K Visitor’s Visa After Home Office’s Initial Refusal Is Overturned Through Judicial Review By Adukus Solicitors

Yet another unreasonable decision by the Home Office against a client has been overturned after a legal battle I led at Adukus Solicitors.

As some reports have shown in the past, the UK Home Office tends to refuse visitor visas from Africa at a higher rate than those from other continents, and often when challenged those decisions can be overturned because they were not sound in the first place.

And once again, we’ve managed to win another case against the Home Office to help a Ghanaian client whose visa request was initially unjustly refused.

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This client, Konadu from Accra, Ghana, was refused a visitor’s visa—despite having visited the UK about 3 times in the past.

The reasons for the refusal of her visitor’s visa were unreasonable.

When she contacted me at Adukus Solicitors, I knew she had a good case and I could get the refusal overturned.

I took her case on and challenged the refusal via a Pre-Action Protocol (PAP) to the Home Office, arguing, inter alia, that the refusal was unreasonable as her application was not properly assessed.

The Home Office through an Entry Clearance Manager responded to the PAP maintaining the refusal.

We proceeded to file for an application for Permission to bring Judicial Review against the Home Office’s unreasonable decision at the Upper Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum), which we deemed unreasonable.

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After the Upper Tribunal filing against the Home Office, the Home Office’s lawyers/solicitors eventually through a Consent Order requested for the court case to be withdrawn—for a new decision to be made. They knew the odds of winning this case was not in their favour.

Finally, Konadu was contacted in Ghana to bring her passport for the visa. And she picked up her passport with the visa yesterday.

It has been a long legal battle with the Home Office, but the right thing has been done and the client is super excited.
If you have been refused a visa to the UK including a visitor’s visa, all hope is not lost. If the refusal is unreasonable, you can legally challenge it and have the refusal overturned.

If you have recently been refused a UK Visa, Call Adukus Solicitors in London now and our UK Immigration experts will provide the needed assistance to get the refusal overturned if deemed to be unreasonable.

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