Fantana Launches #’HappyToBleed’ Campaign After Callously Exposing Her Sanitary Pad On Stage

In the camp of Bullet and his Rufftown Records, everything is bound to happen just to make headlines─talk of the late Ebony, Wendy Shay and now Fantana.

I wasn’t bothered when I saw headlines about Fantana exposing her sanitary pad right on stage at Shatta Wale’s 2019 “Reign” concert and “Wonder Boy” album launch.

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And that press release by Fantana explaining why she had to perform even though her menses appeared 30 minutes before her performance was bogus and a waste of everybody’s time.

Fantana actually wants to tell us that she never knew her menses would appear on that day?

Teenagers even know the exact date their menses are supposed to appear so what’s Fantana trying to say?

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Changing that short and provocative outfit which exposed her thighs and underpants─to a more decent outfit to cover-up her sanitary pad from showing was the solution to the mess she created on stage but rather, she hardened her heart and decided to perform in that short dress.

Well, looks like she is turning her mess into a campaign to do what actually? Because I don’t get it!

On her Instagram status, she posted “#HAPPYTOBLEEDCAMPAIGN”. Apparently, it’s a campaign to teach young girls how to be happy in that time of the month.

In conclusion, Fantana is behaving as if men are against menses which is not even the case.

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