When Power Drives You Insane – Pompous Ursula Owusu Claims Complaining that Ghana Is Hard Under Akufo-Addo Is ‘Witchcraft’

Isn’t it amazing how politicians sound so humble and sincere when they come begging you for votes, and then so pompous and arrogant once they get the votes and the power they need?

It’s almost like getting into power drives them temporarily insane as they enjoy all the perks and goodies that come with being in power.

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When you don’t pay electricity or water bill, do not buy fuel and have an outrageous salary set by your colleague politicians, I guess it makes sense to think that there is no hardship in the country.

In that vein, Communications Minister Ursula Owusu has slammed Ghanaians complaining that there’s hardship in the country as witches.

Ursula, speaking to party youth, said if anyone claims they cannot see the good works the NPP is doing then it can only be described as witchcraft.

“If someone complains that since the NPP came he/she has not benefitted anything ask the person if he or she did not hear it raining when he got out and saw it is wet didn’t he see? Is this not witchcraft? When someone is complaining shut the person down,” Ursula said.

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Apparently we cannot complain about the hardships in our own country without being branded as witches.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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