Possible Reason Why Davido’s Girlfriend, Chioma Refused To Release Her Baby Bump Photos Before Putting To Birth

Have you wondered and asked why female celebrities in Africa, especially Ghana and Nigeria refuse to release their baby bump photos before putting to birth?

Elsewhere, female celebrities or women release their baby bump photos on social media before putting to birth but why isn’t it so in Africa?

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There is only one possible reason why baby bump photos of African female celebrities are released after birth and it has to do with the usual myth of witcraft! Yes, Witcraft!

The fear that a witch or wizard might cause a miscarriage or feed on the unborn baby at midnight when baby bump photos are released before birth is what prevent most female celebrities in Africa to throw their baby bump photos out there before putting to birth.

Just recently, Ghanaian actress, Kafui Danku posted her baby bump photos right after she put to birth a bouncy baby boy with her Canadian husband─that myth has actually eaten deep into the brains of African women.

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Davido’s soon to be wife, Chioma also released her baby bump photos after she put to birth─and this brings the question, why didn’t she release them before putting to birth? The usual witcraft myth huh!

I’m sure there is another female Ghanaian celebrity who’s pregnant at the moment but as usual, we’ll only get to know about it after she posts her baby bump photos on social media right after birth.

Check out some baby bump photos of Chioma below.


Source: GhanaCelebrities.com


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