Alleged 419 Woman Who Received Miraculous Healing From Four Different Pastors Speaks

There have been news that a woman has miraculously been healed by four different pastors at distinct locations.

The woman who goes by the name Mrs Bose Ola was seen in videos being healed of her bend arm.

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Surprisingly after she gets healed, she goes to another pastor for the same supposed infirmity to be healed which has erupted claims that the woman allegedly convives with the so-called men of God to deceive their congregation by the fake miracle and she gets paid.

To clear the air, a Nigerian journalist has traced and found the woman for an interview.

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The following is a part of the interview with the woman.

Madam Welcome to CKN News

Ans: thank you sir

Question: Can you introduce yourself

Answer: My name is Mrs Bose Ola

Question: Where are you from?

Answer: I am from Ibarapa ,in Oyo State

Question: How did you come about your fractured hand

Answer: It was an accident

Question: What type (nature) of accident, Okada, car or what?

Answer: I had a domestic accident at home and fractured my hand.

Question: When was this ?

Answer: This was 2 years ago

Question: How many Churches have you gone to (attended) for your healing

Answer: I have attended several uncountable Churches within and outside Nigeria

Question: How come you attend several churches, where you claimed you have been healed of same ailment?

Answer: Truly whenever I attend such churches I get healed but my ailment relapses after two days.

Question: Relapses every two days, what exactly do you mean by that?

Answer: Once they heal me ,I feel no pains but after two days after, the pains returns, the reason I continue visiting various churches for a permanent healing.

Question: How many Churches have you visited so far

Answer: I can’t recollect

Question: Who linked you with you with the last Church you visited (Prophet Chris Okafor ) of Liberation Ministry and what has been the experience so far.

Answer: My sister in law introduced me to the Church.

Question: Before then have you met him, if yes, what were your discussions with him.

Answer: We’ve never met before and I had no prior meeting with him.

Question: So what has the experience being since your encounter with him

Answer: I am perfectly alright now,I am permanently healed, since my last encounter with him ,I’ve not felt any pains again ,it is almost six days now (lifting up her shirt sleeve to reveal the hand) ,I no longer feel pains and I am permanently healed (although the hand as noticed by CKN News was still dangling from the upper joint ).

Question: Are you saying this for a truth or are you going to continue visiting other Churches for more “divine healings”?

Answer: No, I won’t, I am sure this current healing is permanent

Question: It was alleged that you collect or receive N1m each for your alleged “stage-managed miracles” , how true is this?

Answer: It is a lie sir, take a look at me, do I look like someone being given N1m, if I collect N1m from them, would I look this poor. They did not give me any money and I never paid for any healing too.

Question: So what do you have to tell the Pastor that gave you your “permanent healing”

Answer: I want to thank him for making my healing permanent

Question: And to Nigerians who don’t believe your story, what do you want to tell them.

Answer: Please, I want to tell them that I have not collected any money from anyone , neither have I given money to any Pastor for my healing, the stories being peddled about me is not true.

Thank you for the audience granted CKN News to speak to you

Response: Thank you sir.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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