VIDEO: Muslims Pray 5 Times A Day But Their Zongos Are Still Undeveloped – Avraham Mosche Hits Hard At Ghanaian Muslims

Apostate and Leader of the “Common Sense Family”, Avraham Ben Mosche has descended heavily on Ghanaian Muslims for wasting their precious time to pray 5 times in a day.

According to Avraham who is leading a movement to kick religion out of the country and replace with common sense and critical thinking, Muslims in Ghana have been praying 5 times a day and yet the Zongos are still undeveloped.

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Avraham lambasted them that upon all their prayers, Ghana’s economy is still in a deep mess as well as their Zongos─and the places they live.

He also descended on Christians who have been praying since Christianity was introduced by the Whites in the colonial era.

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In short, Avraham says prayer doesn’t solve a problem and that if it does, Ghana’s economy and all its problems would have been solved by now.

Watch the video below.



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