Forget Your Family and Put All Your Money In The Church – ‘Greedy’ Dag Heward-Mills Instructs Christians

Despite all his riches, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills is not satisfied and still wants more to chop.

That is called greed.

The word greed is defined by the Cambridge Dictionary as “a very strong wish to continuously get more of something, especially food or money,”

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When a man of God who has more than he can ever need is shaming his mostly poor church members to neglect their families and bring him more resources, what else can it be called?

Dag Heward-Mills, in a post on Twitter, is trying to shame church members to bring him more money.

According to him, rather than giving more resources to God and less to family, people are rather giving more to family and less to God.

“Today, Christians are honouring family more than they honour God. They do things to please wives and children more than to please God. Because of this, the mission field and harvest fields lack certain quality labourers. Lord help us!” he wrote.

Even with people concentrating more on their families, look how hard it is to survive in Ghana.

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Yet fathers and mothers are supposed to ignore their kids and put more monies into the church – how is that moral?

Your family should be the most important thing in your life and no pastor should be able to guilt you out of that.

Luckily, most comments under his tweet get that he’s being greedy and he’s being roasted for it.

These days, a good number of Ghanaians have no time for some of these pastors when they spew their trash.

Seems we’re headed in the right direction.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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