Dag Heward-Mills Replies His Critics; Says They Should Give Him A Break Because Nobody Can Do What The Church Does

Hours after receiving severe backlashes from Ghanaians on social media over his tweet lamenting over how Christians now love their families more than God, Dag Heward-Mills has replied to his critics.

According to the man of God, people should get it straight once and for all that nobody can do the things the church does.

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He tweeted that the church does many things Universities, hospitals, schools or any other institution are unable to do and he stated it as a fact!

According to Dag Heward-Mills;

“Let’s get it straight! No one else can do what the church does. No university can preach the gospel. No university plants churches! No high school ministers Holy Spirit baptism or prays for the sick. No hospital is charged with the preaching of Jesus Christ”.

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To him, the church plays important roles than anybody else or institutions.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.com


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