Medikal Warns President Nana Addo Over The Recent Power Outages (Dumsor)

So just today, I have experienced Dumsor like 100 times and I’m not alone─I’m with rapper Medikal on this Dumsor experience.

Our dear president Nana Addo claims Dumsor isn’t back and yet power keeps going off almost every 30 minutes, yes, in my hood.

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Well, Medikal has taken on the President on Twitter and he’s warning him to fix whatever it is that they think we shouldn’t label it as Dumsor.

According to Medikal, it’s been one f** week since his light somewhere around Adjinganor went off and the sad news is that there is no information as to when they are getting power.

Medikal says that President Nana Addo’s “Year of Return” initiative is likely to be turned into the “year of departure” if they refuse to fix the frequent power outages.

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Medikal tweeted; “Boosu @NAkufoAddo the way them de off off wonna light for Adjinganor ability is not not at all. One week be this no light, year of return go turn year of departure oo”.

Medikal even gave the President a mention and that’s to tell you that he’s serious about it.



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