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After 3 UK Visa Refusals, An Excited Ghanaian Finally Granted Visa to Go to the UK to Join the British Army – The Story

In the last few months, I have represented and helped secure several UK visitor’s visas for Ghanaians and other commonwealth nationals, mostly young men and women, seeking to join the British Army.

And this particular client, Daniel’s case is one that I am very pleased to share.


He had been refused UK Visitor’s visa three (3) times before coming to me. In fact, he thought all hope was lost.

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When he told me about his refusals and desire to join the Army (having secured a date for his assessment), I asked him to furnish me with his previous refusals to understand what has been going on with his applications.

Like many others, his previous applications were poorly made without any solid legal arguments—as to how he meets the legal requirements for Visitor’s visa. He has strong financial/economic, social and family ties to Ghana—yet these were not properly argued out or explained to the Entry Clearance Officers (ECOs). The source of funds (deposits) in his bank accounts, as a person who is self-employed, was unclear to the ECOs.

I took on his application and lodged a solid one for him.

When I visited Ghana recently, he travelled from Sunyani for us to have dinner together at Golden Tulip in Kumasi as he said he wanted to meet me in person.

At the dinner, he asked once again if I honestly thought he had a chance this time. I told him while I cannot guarantee 100% that he will get the visa, I believe he meets all the requirement, he has provided solid documentation of his circumstance in Ghana and I have put forward series of solid legal arguments to back his application so his chances are extremely high—more than 95%.

Today, he picked him his passport—and he has been granted his visa, to come to the UK for his British Army assessment.

I am excited for him because he seems like a good lad, committed to joining the British Army.

I wish him well.

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