Political Ghana Is Mad – Yet Supported By the Same People It Takes for Granted – CHRIS-VINCENT Writes

Political Ghana is mad, and yet it receives unfettered support from the same people it takes for granted.

My recent visit to Ghana re-affirmed my long-held view that Ghana will not get any better.

I stayed at Cantonments, just a minute or less from the American Embassy, in one of those super-expensive gated communities. And yet, I woke up one day to find out there was no water—there was no water flowing at Cantonments.

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When I asked one of the Security Guards, he told me the reserve in the Estate tank had been used up too—and that they had made a call for a car to bring in some water as the main pipes in the whole of Cantonments are not flowing.

While speaking to the Security at the gate, we saw a water tanker drive by, from the America Embassy area and be said, this car is probably going to supply the staff of the Embassy who live around.

That day, I had to use several bottles of voltic water to shower to be able to attend my meeting.

I packed a few of my things and called my friend who runs a Home Away from Home hotel at Labone that I was coming to her place to spend a day or two. When I got there later that day, Labone also did not have water flowing—they were using their reserve and the flow was so bad.

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I visited Spintex where people are selling a plot of land for about 120,000 dollars several times —and the roads are worse than farm roads. The rains had helped paint a clear picture of the roads.

How come lands at Cantonments, Labone or Spintex are this expensive when the former two do not even have constant water supply and the latter does not have common good roads to drive on to your house, I asked. Then again, in Ghana, good roads are luxury, not basic.

At Spintex, there are several big mansions being erected or already built—and yet the roads remain that bad. I am told several big men live at Spintex and proudly drive on those roads.

My sister lives at Tantra, and the roads to her expensive house are equally bad.

My friend and I drove to Kumasi and while returning, the expensive E400 Mercedes Benz we were using had its round flat tyre cut into two near Suhum because of a huge valley-like pothole he couldn’t swerve. We spent about 3 hours there while some guys tried to find us a fix or a new tyre from near-by towns.

The road from Accra to Kumasi is not to be driven on—that is not a road at all but a collection of potholes for an exhibition.

And we have leaders at the top, driving on these same deplorable roads in their expensive cars, unconcerned. People are also seated in toll booths, collecting monies from drivers—what for and for who?

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For the over a decade that I have lived in the UK, there has never been a day that I have opened the tap and there was no water. In fact, it does not cross my mind that it is an option.

Yet the flow of water, a basic human need, remains a problem in Accra—a city decorated with potholes to punish road users, and sometimes send them to their early grave.

The Kumasi township is even worse when it comes to the roads: and this is the seat of the great Ashanti King, Otumfuo? What a joke!

When are we going to be serious at all as people by whipping some sense into heads of political Ghana or demand to be treated as human beings?

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