Conmen Have Left their Careers To Become Politicians So They Can Chop Taxpayer Money – Ibrah One Fires This Hot Bullet And We All Know It’s For Dumelo

Ibrah One has fired a very hot bullet and there’s no doubt who this is aimed for.

Actor John Dumelo has decided that he’s tired of acting and chasing women, and is now putting his energies into politics in order to become an MP.

Now whoever enters politics claims they do it to serve the people but in the end they all enrich themselves and their families and the people continues to suffer – why would Dumelo be any different?

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In a new post on social media, Ibrah fires shots at ‘conmen’ who abandon their jobs to enter politics so they can chop taxpayer money.

There’s zero doubt in our minds who this shot is aimed for – it’s John.

And it’s true – because if Dumelo ever enters office you can be sure nothing would change in Ghana but his net worth would multiply – just as it happened to most Ghanaian politicians before him and would continue happening after him.

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Politics in Ghana is broken and the people are the ones who pay for it – both literally and metaphorically.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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