VIDEO: ‘Stubborn’ Kwesi Arthur Goes Blonde In New Hairstyle

Kwesi Arthur’s overly religious father, Mr Emmanuel Kwesi Danso will definitely have a problem with his new blonde hairstyle—and it seems Kwesi Arthur is on a mission giving his father things to bother over about his appearance.

The man a few months ago expressed his displeasure over Kwesi Arthur’s rasta hairstyle with claims that it wasn’t in line with the Pentecost church doctrines of which Kwesi Arthur yielded to his pressure and gotten rid of it a few days ago.

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Definitely, Mr Kwesi Danso will express his displeasure over his blonde hairstyle.

Kwesi Arthur is really giving his father headaches over his outward appearance but is it his fault?

These hairstyles come with his chosen profession, secular music, rap to be precise and it doesn’t look like he’ll outdoor a Christian kind of hairstyle—just because he wants to be in his father’s good books.

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The Pentecost church boy, Kwesi Arthur has gone blonde in his new hairstyle and Mr Kwesi Danso might have called him like 100 times that’s if he has seen the video and photos of his son’s new hairstyle.

Watch the video below.



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